What is bag to all girl? Well, you know, a fashion items that will never get enough, same as all the clothes. As girls always says; “i have nothing to wear” , when she sits in front of the mountains of all the dress, skirt, shirt etc. When you done and decided what to wear there goes another problem, which bag i have to wear to match this outfit? When you not satisfy with all the bags you currently having, you tell yourself; i need to buy a new one”. With all the bags you have, you’ll need to take a good care of them to having a good condition all the time to carry out when you need them!

Now i’ll sharing some tips some simple tips, how to take care of your beloved bags!

1. Use products
Spraying your purses with a rain and stain repellent to protect your purses. Maybe not so much from rain, but from you might accidentally spilling liquids on it or so what. Also try to make it a habit to wipe down your purse once in a while with product so the stains don’t become permanent, or to just give it that newly bought shine and it look as new as the first time you bought it!

2. Stuff your purse to maintain its shape

If you have a lot of large purses, they require a bit of maintenance compared to smaller purses. You may put a sweater that you’re not wearing for the season into your bags to maintain its shape. 

Some bags with its own shapes can easily cave in when it’s empty!

3. Keep your dust bags

If your bags comes with a dust bag– keep them! They’re great for protecting your bags when you’re not using them. Keeps your leather purses into their dust bags after so the leather maintains its luster or else the dust might cover all or over it.

4. Use a clutch to hold your liquids

I heard lots of girls or me accidentally spilled lotion or foundation in bag. It’s also having a hard time moving all the products every time you switches a bag. Putting them all into a clutch helps your find your products easily, all you need to do is move is your wallet and clutch.

So when you having a big bag, this way will helps you to find and reach your things easier, or else, big bag with lots of stuffs, it would be find a needle in a haystack, you would not like it.

5. Store your bags on a shelf

Hang your bags in closet, but after a while you would realized that it was causing wear and tear on the handles from the weight (especially when you didn’t take all the things out of bag). If you have a shelf or a flat ledge, recommend putting your bags there because that way you don’t stretch the handles and it’s protected from any roaming frenchies or accidental spills! 

Do you have any personal care tips to share with us?