How To Style Your Handbags With A Scarf

Have you ever thought about styling your handbag with just a scarf?

Right now, in just a few seconds, you can style your handbag with only a silk scarf and create stylish and something to wear to match your outfit and mood today!

2 Simple Ways To Style Your Handbag: Everyone Can Do This

The Handle Wrap

  • First, check if you have any labels on the scarf (you’ll want to hide these in the wrap).
  • Second, lay the scarf out and fold it as shown (fold to hide the labels).
  • Then take your bag handle and tie the scarf to one end.
  • Next step is to wrap the scarf around the handle. Watch out that you don’t end up with not enough scarf to wrap the whole handle!
  • When you reach the end, tie it off and arrange the ends of the scarf over the bag as pictured.

The Bow

  • Take your scarf and fold the scarf as shown in the video and above (Make sure that you hide the label!)
  • Tie the scarf in the middle to the end of the handle, making sure that both free ends are the same length
  • Tie a big bow
  • Style the loose ends to your desired length

You Can Style Your Bag With Your Own Fashion Way Now!