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Send detailed photos of the item you wish to consign / sell.

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Receive your quote within 24 hours during business hours.

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Send your item to our office and get paid to your preferred bank account.


When you consign an item to us, you will only be paid after your item is sold. For sellers who prefer high pay-out prices and do not mind the waiting time, you may choose to consign your item to us.

When you sell off an item to us, you will get paid immediately after the item is authenticated by our experts. You do not have to wait for your item to be sold. However, the pay-out price is lower compared to consigning your item to us.

We only buy off selected items depending on the brands, condition, year, and market value of the item. Please refer to Consign and Sell page for more details.

We take authentic pre-owned luxury items that have been gently used, with no significant defects. We accept designer bags and accessories. We are selective in the designers we buy and sell. Please refer to the complete list of designers we buy and take for consignment.

No. We do not charge any consignment fee. You will get the quoted payout price once your item is sold.

The consignment period to place your items in our store is 60 days. If you decided not to sell your items anymore and wish to collect any of your items before the consignment period, an administrative of RM50 or 20% of the selling price (whichever is higher).

However, for sell-off items, the ownership of the items shall belong to ByVal once the payment is made.

We take into consideration a number of criteria during the pricing of an item including but not limited to the brand, condition, original retail value, current market value, and the year of the item.

Once your item is sold, payment will be made to you via bank transfer within 10 working days.

Note: Working days are Monday to Friday, excluding weekends and public holidays in Malaysia.