About CrazyBee

CrazyBee is your trusted platform to buy or sell your authentic pre-loved luxury bags with guaranteed quality. Every item undergoes a strict and detailed quality inspection process and authentication to ensure that it is 100% authentic before being listed on our platform.

Giving new life to pre-owned luxury bags.

But what happens to those which you no longer fancy anymore? 

Being one of the leading online bag sellers for the past 12 years, we’ve seen too many gorgeous luxury bags being forgotten or replaced by the new season trends. But style is not all about new things.

CrazyBee strives to....

Pre-loved handbags can be fashionable and loveable pieces as well when given the opportunity to be discovered by someone who truly appreciates their values. This is what CrazyBee strives to do best.

We want to create a better environment for bag lovers to buy and sell their pre-loved luxury pieces without hassle while normalizing the culture of purchasing pre-loved items as we believe that every bag is unique and valuable if it’s well preserved.

Our Promise

Every product listed on our platform is 100% authentic and genuine. We will monitor the quality of each pre-loved product strictly and make sure our customers get what they pay for without hidden flaws and defects.

Join us in contributing to the sustainable future of the fashion industry today.